Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Our Organic Coconut Oil is made only a few metres from the farm which is home to  thousands of trees, all grown in loving conditions in the renowned Coconut Triangle of Sri Lanka. We use a slow heating technique using charcoal from the coconut shells which gives the oil its distinct aroma. The oil is considered Extra Virgin, owing to the smooth, silky finish and full bodied flavour.

'Coconut Gold ……. Coconut oil as it was meant to be.'

The family owned farm has been in operation for the past 40 years and prides itself on creating an organic, raw, unrefined product, free from additives and chemicals. Some of the profits raised from this family owned business are given back to the local community, allowing for rural development projects across the farmlands. Coconut Gold Coconut Oil is certified organic by four  registered bodies and is GMO Free, gluten free and  rich in lauric acid. With so many competing brands on the market, choosing the right coconut oil can sometimes be hit and miss but, we can assure you, once you try our coconut oil you will never use another brand again.

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