Banana Flour Recipe's

Cooking with Banana Flour
Hints & tips for your own tasty treats,

We have compiled a few of our favourite recipes using our range of banana flour available on our online shop. These recipes will excite the kids, impress the in-laws & provide a unique treat to that share-plate you need to prepare for your next dinner party. There are a few things that you should know before baking :

Banana Flour :
Banana flour, like coconut flour is a diverse alternative that is soft, abundant & will diversify your at-home cooking.

Some quick Tips :
  • Banana Flour is NEUTRAL in flavour so for those who feel limited by the possiblities of banana flour in cooking look no further!
  • The flavour can be compared to a wholemeal flour itâs a very earthy flour.
  • Another plus for bakers is you require less of it, due to the starch count.
  • Rather than a one for one swap, youâd use ¾ of a cup of banana flour [to one cup of normal flour] at the most.
  • 1 teaspoon of bi-carb soda to 1 cup of banana flour to get that tasty, raised and fluffy texture.


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